Out Tasking

Is your solution really complete?

“When your company’s R&D department needs help or is getting ready to embark on a new project or development, make sure you clearly weigh up front whether it is a candidate for full outsourcing or for the more controlled, flexible out-tasking approach.”

AIXecutive and its partners are specialists in “Out-Tasking”!
We neither compete against your team, nor replace your team – we complete your team!

Take advantage of our global resources in order to strengthen your team with additional development capacities for either standardized or fully customized high security solutions for high-security Smart Card applications.  We are experts in the markets of high-security authentication, identification and secure transactions such as:

[ EMV (Europay Master Visa)
[ EU Digital Tachograph
[ Electronical Healthcard Solutions
[ Mobile Payment
[ Smart Metering
Smart Grid
[ PKI based, biometrical National eID card solutions
[ ICAO ePassports (BAC, EAC, PACE, SAC)
[ Experts for Common Criteria + FIPS certification
[ Auditors for MasterCard International CQM
Over the Air (OTA) solutions
High-security design of documents (Passports, National IDs, Driving Licenses etc.)

Our Scrum* based agile software development methodology ensures that your team has:

[ A maximum visibility on the success of your developments
[ 24 hour access to your source code
[ Direct communication with and direct access to our software development team
[ Weekly inspection of the critical key performance indicators, measuring your customer satisfaction


*Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development method for managing software projects and product or application development. Scrum has not only reinforced the interest in project management, but also challenged the conventional ideas about such management.

Scrum focuses on complex project management institutions where it is difficult to plan ahead. Mechanisms of empirical process control, where feedback loops that constitute the core management technique are used as opposed to traditional command-and-control oriented management. It represents a radically new approach for planning and managing projects, bringing decision-making authority to the level of operation properties and certainties. (Source: Wikipedia)