Executive Recruitment

1 + 1 > 2
→ a good TEAM achieves more than its individuals

“In a sports team – even best individuals waste their talents when playing in the wrong team, or playing not their gifted position.”
In business: Who knows if a brilliant manager of a big company is a capable manager in a Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME?) – or vice versa? And who knows if he is good for the Team?

AIXecutive analysis and discovers the best fit for highly motivated managers and ambitious companies and their talented teams.

Our international proven „Best-Fit-Approach” focuses on the manager’s professional skill set and personal talents on one site and the detailed company position’s requirements on the other site. Based on both analyses, we match candidate and company best.

Motivated “best-fit-managers” and their teams perform 67 percent above average*

For Companies

[ Maximizing Company growth and results
[ Avoidance of wrong personnel selection
[ Reduction of losses of wrong decisions

For Managers

Personal skills and talents are identified, realized and promoted
[ Exceed of personal targets
[ Personal satisfaction in projects

*McKinsey’s „The War for Talents“ Survey 2009